Learning to Unlearn

Even after so many years – even after stumbling on the same blocks – even after promising myself infinite times – the same things are repeated. Just wondering how much control  is required at times on oneself  for not letting the  past repeat itself. Incidents will happen again and again and it is the reaction to them which will decide the ending of those events. If the reaction is different it will generate a different feeling within you, making you not feel guilty of  committing the same mistake again. Phew!!!! was that very complicated???

Here I am,  learning new chapters in life . Learning the equation of action and reaction…There is a strong realization that has dawned upon me …. … “passiveness“. This was totally lacking in my life.  Though in my opinion this is a negative term but at times it acts as a boon which if not used at the right moment can create a volcano around and end up even burning yourself. Let the moment pass in passiveness and the urge to react will also die.

Thus giving it a different ending altogether. May not be the correct one but definitely a happy one


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