Slow down your pace

Slow down your pace  


The other day I read an article on how one should slow down in life, take a breather and be aware of the things around. At times we, especially people in metros are living our lives as robots. Now the question is, if we need to slow down on everything, we need to slow down on our parenting skills too.

We as parents are always hard-pressed for time. 24 hours are not enough if one has a toddler at home. I am sure it happens in the later stages too as children graduate into full time schooling. After my daughter was born, she was my world for few days and from then till now – 5 years have passed  but the level of engagement has only increased and at times has become more complicated. But if I sit back and think 5 years have just passed in a blink. Was I too fast or unaware to notice that period? I wonder at times!!. This hit me when I was talking to one of my acquaintances and narrating her this experience. She has a daughter in college now. She said that it seems like yesterday when we were figuring out which school is good for her (same position where I am right now) and now her daughter is in college, making her own decisions and at times even not bothering to consult her parents and in two years she will be ready to leave home for further studies.

So her advice to me was to cherish these moments as they will pass in a blink . Don’t rush, spend as much time with your kids, be SLOW, don’t do many activities with them but do few being fully aware. Enjoy being with them as these milestones (pram stage to toddler –kindergarten-schooling) will just pass in a blink. Take in as much as you can because your little ones will never be the same again.


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