Company of Self

There are days when I am so busy that rarely I get time to just sit and do nothing. Life just passes by. Days, weeks, months and years. After my daughter was born 6 years have just flown by. The pleasure of being there for her, doing things for her, helping her settle in different stages of her life, being with her emotionally, physically as well as mentally is a very satisfying experience. Though this experience is very satisfying, some where down the line I started realising that I have unknowingly stopped doing things I love. As she is now less dependent on me for most of her things, I decided to break this monotonous routine and just be myself, live for myself, pamper myself.

My husband, who is a very cooperative partner, understood my need decided to visit his parents with my daughter giving me the required break. That 3 day break completely rejuvenated me. I did what I wanted to do, without the worry of reaching home on time, or managing day to day stuff with no time constraints, no guilt of some one waiting for me back at home…etc .. I painted the town red, watched a movie in the theater (alone), shopped, visited random places, clicked random photographs, sat in a coffee shop sipping coffee and analyzing  people around me.

My time was completely my time. I believe true freedom comes only when one is not chained in his/her mind’s random, irrational thinking. Just the state of being in the present moment, enjoying the surroundings, noticing small wonders around, is pure liberation. This state comes only if you know the “art of doing nothing” and just being there.

I love my company and even in my daily routine I search for moments like these. I heard many people saying that they cant stay alone, cant watch a movie alone, or dine alone etc. One should not restrict one’s experience just because there is no one to do the same with them. For once be with yourself and enjoy your company. I bet you will fall in love with yourself.


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