Fading Faces

I  am sure many of us have experienced moving houses. If you yourself haven’t moved then maybe your neighbors have. When I was in class 6th my parents decided to shift from a comfortable and a friendly colony set up comprising of innumerable friends, to a place with an upcoming infrastructure. Though I knew moving was inevitable, I consciously avoided thinking about “The Day” knowing it would be an emotional one for me. But time just passed by, construction of our house was complete and within few days the final date of  moving was finalised. With a sinking heart I broke this news to my friends (10-12 of them)…yes we were a big gang :)… Knowing about this news, they too were disheartened as my new house was far and it was impossible to meet with them every evening .

Finally the day I dreaded arrived. It was our last day in that house. My parents were happy as it was a sense of pride for them to move to their own house. They arranged for the movers as during those days packers were not readily available. I saw everything getting loaded in the truck. That day, lunch was arranged by one of our neighbors and snacks by one of my friends mom. I sat there thinking about how everything was so cozy, familiar, trustworthy and loving around me. The thought of an unknown place suddenly made me feel lonely. As the last piece of luggage was uploaded in the truck  we finally bid adieu to our neighbors, aunts, uncles, and then my dear friends. My friends were all in tears and so was I. More than my friends, I was leaving behind  mixed emotions, many memories, experiences, secrets, and many more complex feelings. Carrying this bag of mixed emotions within, I saw my known faces fading away and off we were on the new path.

Given that friends are the integral part in that age, adjustment time for me was longer than any other member of the family. It took me a long time to make friends as there weren’t many people staying around. Though I made some friends but the quality of friendship was never the same.

Few days back I was reminded about the same situation. My daughter’s best friend was moving to another city. They were best of buddies since they were 1 year olds.This was the 5th year of their friendship and today it was “The Day” for my daughter’s friend. He was in our house since morning playing with my daughter as movers and packers were busy at his place.They both played as if there was no tomorrow. Surprisingly there were no arguments, no complaints.They were playing and talking peacefully. While doing my regular chores I passed through their space and overheard their conversation. He was telling her “I wont be there now, so behave properly, have breakfast and milk without any tantrums, don’t go alone in the elevator but take the stairs, and if any one of us feels like talking to each other call on our respective mom’s number.”  There was a pain of parting in that conversation. The pain of letting go the very first friend of their lives.Though they were merely 6 years old, the emotions were the same as that of any grown up parting ways with their buddies.

In the evening they both sat near the truck watching the last piece of luggage getting uploaded. I looked at him and suddenly my old feeling came to the fore front. I was able to empathize with him. With teary eyes my daughter hugged him and said goodbye. At that moment I felt the same pain when I had left my friends.The only difference was, this time our faces faded away for some one moving on to a new path. .


One thought on “Fading Faces

  1. Very touch…
    Best of luck to both the kids..
    Btw , this time it would be different… Time is different, technologies are different… much easier to keep in touch… Skype, face time are there.. Hope emotions remain the same way…


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